Location: Santa Lucia

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        14:00 Welcome

        14:15 Keynote: Ingvil Førland Hellstrand

        14:45 Presentations:

  • Transdisciplinary and Participatory Research for Robotic Care Technology – Mapping Challenges and Perspectives (Helena Anna Frijns, Anna Dobrosovestnova,​ Carina Brauneis, Reinhard Grabler, Matthias Hirschmanner, Darja Stoeva, Ralf Vetter, and Laura Vogel)
  • The Universal User: Critically Reviewing the Assumptions around Users in the Care Setting from a Socio-Legal HRI Perspective (Laetitia Tanqueray, Ginevra Castellano, Katie Winkle, and Stefan Larsson)
  • What Do We Really Want? – Looking for Nuance in Eldercare Situations (Rajitha Ramanayake, Vivek, Nallur, Ronnie Smith, and Mauro Dragone)

        15:15 Keynote: Susanne Frennert

        15:45 Coffee break

        16:15 Presentations:

  • When Good Intentions Do Not Meet Real Needs: An Elderly Care Home Case (Sara Cooper, and Raquel Ros)
  • Deployment Of a Social Robot in the Care for Older Adults (Sanja Balalic, Robbert Sanderman, Paul Vogt, Nick Degens, and Mariët Hagedoorn)
  • Biographybased Games for Cognitive Stimulation of Older Adults (Benedetta Catricalà, Marco Manca, Fabio Paternò, and Carmen Santoro)
  • Socially Assistive Robots (SARs) for the Older Population; Using Functional, Behavioral, and Visual Design Preferences for Building a Design Space Model (Adi Bulgaro, Ela Liberman-Pincu, and Tal Oron-Gilad)

        17:00 Keynote: Conor McGinn

        17:30 Concluding reflection

        18:00 End of workshop